Modern women are exposed to extraordinary amounts of toxins, pollution and known carcinogens. Due to these contaminants in our environment, many of us are facing health challenges in our breasts. Reducing pollution in our environment, eating a mineral-rich, organic plant-based diet, getting plenty of exercise and rest, and regular breast care (through touch, massage, and self exams) will all help to support breast health. Earthen Heart Botanicals is dedicated to promoting women’s health and encouraging women to be more familiar with their bodies. Our breast care line helps to reduce fear and heighten women’s awareness of the importance of breast health. 

All of our products are made by hand, beginning by infusing organic or ethically wildcrafted herbs into organic olive oil, chosen for its ability to extract the healing components of plants.  Because breast skin is thin and absorbent, the herbal constituents carried in the olive oil can move deeply into the breast tissue, helping to promote breast health.

Important Aspects of Breast Care

  • Limit exposure to toxins

  • Eat foods that are organically grown and raised.

  • Drink filtered water; if possible bathe in filtered water (chlorine is a known carcinogen, and is absorbed transdermally).

  • Be active in your community to reduce pollution.

  • Understand links between pollution and disease.

Build a strong immune system

  • Exercise and breathe deeply.

  • Get to know the plants that live near you; manysupport the immune system.

  • Laugh! Sing! Cry! Dance!

  • Enjoy discovering what reduces stress for you.

Encourage lymph function (helps cleanse the body of toxins)

  • Practice daily movement (yoga, tai chi, walking).

  • Use a skin brush before you bathe.

  • Receive massage.

  • Dress in comfortable, loose clothing.

  • Take off your bra, massage your breasts! Keep lymph moving, not pooling in your bra.

Be familiar with your breasts

  • Touch and massage your breasts regularly

  • Ask a health professional to aid you in understanding the different tissue textures you’re feeling.

Breast image—cultural attitudes towards breasts

  • Use touch, visualization, and kind thoughts to love your breasts exactly as they are.

  • Avoid exposure to toxic magazines or other misogynist media. When you see harmful images of women, name them for what they are an discuss these issues with your daughters and women friends.

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